About the State Forestry Institution «Molodechno Forestry»

Address: Molodechno second lane Gorky, 2a, 222310, Belarus

Director 8-( 0176) -778860; reception 8-( 0176) -778863; Division of Forestry 8-( 0176) -737842; Commerce Department 8-( 0176) -737628

State Forestry Institution Molodechno Forestry is located in the northwestern part of Minsk Region in Molodechno, Vileika and Volozhin areas. The structure of the company consists of five forest districts: Gorodok, Krasnoe, Lebedeva, Molodechno, Radoshkovichi; PU ” Krasnoe “, the nursery, 14 forest sites, 92 rounds.

We offer:

1. Roundwood, sawn hardwood, softwood lumber.

2. Arbors

3. Honey bee

4. Brooms bath

5. Saplings of ornamental rocks


1. Hunting for elk, wild boar, roe deer, grouse and waterfowl.

2. Rest in a hunting lodge.


Hunting Ground State forestry agency Molodechno forest is located in the northern part of Molodechno district, Minsk region. The total area of 35,152.7 hectares of hunting grounds., Including 19,700 ha of forests, fields, 14,700 ha, 752.7 ha of wetlands.

To obtain goudarstvennogo certificate for hunting or changing need the following documents: passport, 2 color photos – 3×4, letter from a psychiatrist, a statement of a citizen and delivery of special examination of hunting. Visiting Days for citizens Thursday – Friday. Contact phone 8-( 0176) – 737940.

In Molodechno district two hunting grounds users:

State forestry agency Molodechno Forestry ”

Molodechno RGO BOOR.

As a guest game farm complex “house hunter” that is located in the village Veredovo Molodechno District, Molodechno forestry in the quarter of 263. The house has 6 beds, hot and cold water, 2 toilets, 2 showers, a kitchen for cooking, gas stove, refrigerator, fireplace, room for meals.

On the territory of the guest complex has a sauna with a swimming pool. The bath can be simultaneously serviced by 8.6 clients.

The cost of production of game animals for foreign hunters decree price list.

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